the Creed | Holy Ghost worshiper

the Creed | Holy Ghost worshiper

The Creed of a Holy Ghost worshiper, “The Holy Ghost is God in the earth today and we walk with Him by saying words.” Within this seemingly simple creed we can see some of the words that we should be saying – knowing that He’s God in the earth today, and that He is actually in the earth today. We should be using the words, “I worship You Holy Ghost.”
Using the words, “I worship You Holy Ghost”, separates and distinguishes you from everybody else.
Using the words, “I worship You Holy Ghost”, sets you into a unique group of people, a tribe so to speak, a SOCIETY of believers who worship the Holy Ghost.
Using those 5 words takes you out of “common Christianity” and rewires you into the “New Realities” of FULLY walking with the Living God in His dispensation. Welcome to “the Society” of people who worship the Holy Ghost as God.
I am a Holy Ghost worshiper. A.J.Hemstrought

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From the text:

Question: What makes a Holy Ghost Worshiper a Holy Ghost Worshiper?
Answer: They worship the Holy Ghost.

When I say, Holy Ghost Worship, I don’t mean the music portion of the service. I mean actually worshiping God the Holy Ghost and using the words, “I worship You Holy Ghost.”
You need to know how we got here. Here? Here, worshiping the Holy Ghost in His dispensation. We’re in the earth today. He’s in the earth today. We’re with Him. We’re walking with Him.

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